Art Pop-Up Presents:


Adventure begins May 3rd, 2021

Presented through mail & media

Curated by JAM

Poster by Jacob MacInnis

Tickets for YELLOW are no longer on sale.

Yellow will include accessibility tools including closed captioning and visual descriptions!
The event will also include content and trigger warnings before and throughout the piece.

Yellow: An Art Pop-Up is a multidisciplinary art experience that connects artists and audiences through mail and media. This isn't like any other virtual show as there is no instant gratification here. Instead, there is the suspense that your grandmother felt as she awaited a letter from her long lost lover. Twenty-five extraordinary artists from across the globe have created artwork inspired by the colour yellow.

Who is JAM?

Past Pop-Ups


blue: an Art Pop-Up happened on October 24, 2019 at The Commons Theatre & Studio. Partnered with Space Space Revolution it was an extraordinary night of creativity and adventure. Featuring twenty-one artists, the night examined the beauty and wonder that the colour blue evokes. The artists involved were: Annie Lockerbie Newton, Ben Duff, Macayla Paris, Brynn Cutcliffe, Nick Dolan, Gray Monczka, Kristyn Russelle, Jill Goranson, Alexa MacDougall, Noah Beemer, Katie Martin, Meghan Caine, Alexandra Willet, Elle Doiron, Teresa Williams, KayGeni, Paige Kosik, Jenisha Hibbert, Sierra Holder, Evan James, James Wylie, Ruaridh MacDonald, Michael Derworiz, Emma Burke-Kleinman, and Sydney Williams.  


RED: an Art Pop-Up occurred on February 13, 2020 at the Grand Canyon Theatre. A night filled with passion and intensity, this colour created a fiery evening filled with dynamic artwork that fueled conversation. Twenty-three artists from all different mediums painted the town RED. These artists were: Ruaridh MacDonald, Rebecca Bauer, Annie Lockerbie Newton, Lia Luz, Elise Wilson, Katie Martin, Dianne Oliveira, KayGeni, Charlotte Williams, Tianna Therriault, Kelsi James, Jean-Paul Parker, Alisha Grech, Sierra Holder, Jill Goranson, Alexa MacDougall, Michael Derworiz, Jennifer Alicia, Emily Bayrock, Gwen Hovey, Evan James, Sevan Ichkhanian, Macayla Paris, Teresa Williams, Lindsay Harpham, and Carleen Zouboules.  


Photographs taken by Eden Graham