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Follow The Robin Jacket


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I hope that this jacket finds it’s way to someone who will feel the hope and encouragement that I felt while making it. I hope the robin’s presence reminds you that you have all you need within you to follow your path. Flight paths can be tangled. They can be confusing. They can bring frustration and doubt. But I hope you always know you can fly. You can reach heights and connect, no matter the wall. Follow the Robin. 

The Secret Garden has resonated through my life. The music weaves through my entire life with ever-growing meaning seeping into the notes every time they flew through my head and heart, and helped me to grow with confidence. The music helps me believe in hope, even when my head cannot offer a caring space for hope to grow and my mind freezes over in icy doubt. The music lets me follow the robin and remember to let care in as I look out with care at all the world, also growing, also sometimes struggling— but all, wick. Wick and alive with belief that we can offer care to our core, and right down through our roots, and grow together.


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