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Nest & Burrow overalls


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These new thread paths have me thinking all arouuund n’ about cyclical changes 🍂🍃🍂🍃

I’ve definitely noticed my energy and ability to interact with the world ebbs and flows and I find it helps to be able to word-it-out (just to help me know me even that liiiiitle smidgeon more). 

I like calling the contrasts, ‘Nesting’ & ‘Burrowing’ times. 

Both can be mixtures of high & low energy— but each in their own tonal realm. 

Nesting— 🪺💫🐣🌳 —is looking out. 

Connection through birdsong. 

Looking out from your branch in correspondence with the world as it meets where you are in the air. 

And Burrowing— 🌱✨🦔🌾— it’s when time echoes inward. When air hits loud and bright and it’s time to reset the pace of living, and remember how to feel alive as we are, unhooked from the spinning pull of the rest of the world.

Each place offers peace and connection. Though also, each place asks its own form of balance and when I forget that, 

each place can veer into their possible extremities — 

blinding brightness☀️, or dark depths🪨

flying high without home 

or burrowed alone. 

each time I move through their spaces, there comes points when I lose track of up and down. Each time, there are moments I’m sure I’ve never navigated through such dense barriers of blindness.

It helps now to notice, 

I’ve seen similar versions of not-seeing. 

I’ve seen unique versions of the unchangeable, change. 

From nest to burrow,

Each leads to the other, 

and, remembering that helps me make sure that each also leads me outward to others. 

In both places —at all times, it’s possible. 

We can move both with caution and also bound ahead without care. We can look around from where we nest and burrow— in joy, safety, trust, and curiosity. 

In both places, amongst roots, and amidst adventure. 


[thought i was writing a short caption but oops I forgot to stop writing 🙃]


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