Sell tickets to your event & host it on SideBiz!

Our process is very personalized to each specific event! We aim to take the technical work off your hands, so that you can focus on putting on the actual event itself.

Ticketing Package Options

Basics Package

% 8/ticket


-Store Set Up and access to vendor dashboard where you can view all ticket sales
-Ticket Product Set up with diverse pricing options
-Customized Ticket Emails sent to customers
-A webpage to embed your online event

Fancier Package

% 10/ticket

Includes everything in the Basics Package and:

-A customized webpage dedicated to your event where you can share cast bios, previous events, etc.
-Marketing for your event on our social media pages!
-Email about your event sent to our 800+ subscribers

All orders are subject to a transaction fee calculated on the amount after commission is taken out. This fee is 3.1%+ $0.30 and goes directly to PayPal.

We are committed to providing an equitable, barrier free business model from top to bottom. Should you need to discuss alternative commission options, we are open to finding a solution that works for everybody!